Tim Hortons Menu & Prices in Montreal

Tim Hortons is a popular Canadian fast-food chain known for its coffee and donuts. Montreal, a city in Quebec, Canada, has several Tim Hortons locations throughout its various neighborhoods. In addition to serving coffee and donuts, Tim Hortons Menu in Montreal also offers a variety of breakfast and lunch options, such as breakfast sandwiches, soups, and sandwiches.

Tim Hortons has become a staple in Montreal’s food culture, and it is not uncommon to see locals stopping by for a quick cup of coffee or a bite to eat. With its affordable prices and convenient locations, Tim Hortons Montreal continues to attract both locals and tourists alike.

Tim Hortons Menu & Prices in Montreal

Tim Hortons is one of the most popular fast food chains in Montreal, known for its delicious coffee, donuts, and sandwiches. The Tim Hortons menu in Montreal features a variety of options, including breakfast, lunch, and snack items. For breakfast, customers can choose from classic items like bagels, breakfast sandwiches, and muffins, as well as new additions like the Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich. The lunch menu features sandwiches, wraps, soups, and salads, with options like the Turkey Bacon Club, BBQ Chicken Wrap, and Caesar Salad.

Tim Hortons Menu Prices

In terms of pricing, Tim Hortons offers affordable options for all budget levels.

Overall, Tim Hortons is a popular choice for Montrealers looking for a quick and tasty meal on the go. With its diverse menu and affordable prices, it’s no wonder why the chain has remained a staple in the city’s fast food scene for many years.

FesTim à partager

FesTim to Share is a limited time offer from Tim Hortons, a popular Canadian coffee and donut chain, which was introduced to Montreal in 2021. This special promotion is designed to celebrate the city’s culture and diversity by providing a unique taste of Montreal to customers. .

The name “FesTim to share” is a play on words, combining the French word “Festin”, which means party, with “Tim”, the name of the brand. The promotion is centered around a special menu item, which is a box of 50 Timbits (bite-sized donut holes) in four different flavors inspired by iconic Montreal foods.

Menu ItemPrice
FesTim déjeuner du travailleur pour 2 personnesCAN$ 19.13
FesTim déjeuner classique pour 2 personnesCAN$ 17.33

Boissons chaudes

There are plenty of delicious hot drink options available at Tim Hortons in Montreal, and customers can customize their drinks to their liking with various syrups and toppings.

Menu ItemPrice
Café de mélange originalCAN$ 1.78
Café mokaCAN$ 2.33
Café de torréfaction foncéeCAN$ 1.78
Latte VanilleCAN$ 3.85
Café décaféinéCAN$ 1.78
Tims a la 12CAN$ 22.22
Thé de spécialité – Petit et MoyenCAN$ 1.78
Mélange original Réveil ULTimCAN$ 2.95
Thé de spécialité – Grand et Très grandCAN$ 2.36
CappuccinoCAN$ 3.5
LatteCAN$ 3.5
Latte CaramelCAN$ 3.85
Latte MokaCAN$ 3.85
Latte nois grilléCAN$ 3.5
Thé londonienCAN$ 2.68
Vanille françaiseCAN$ 2.56
Chocolat chaudCAN$ 2.33
Dose d’espressoCAN$ 1.74
AméricanoCAN$ 2.56

Boissons froides

Tim Hortons Menu offers a variety of cold beverages in Montreal, including iced coffee, iced cappuccino, iced latte, and iced tea. They also have a selection of cold fruit smoothies and frozen lemonade. Additionally, Tim Hortons offers cold bottled beverages such as soft drinks, juices, and water.

Menu ItemPrice
Café infusé à froid crème à la vanilleCAN$ 3.26
Café infusé à froid originalCAN$ 2.91
Cappuccino glacéCAN$ 3.15
Cappuccino glacé légerCAN$ 4.67
Givré crémeux au chocolatCAN$ 4.08
Givré crémeux à la vanilleCAN$ 4.08
Capp glacé a la vanilleCAN$ 4.08
Capp glacé mokaCAN$ 4.08
Capp glacé au caramelCAN$ 4.08
Tim glacéCAN$ 2.33
Latte glacéCAN$ 3.5
Latte Glacé CaramelCAN$ 3.85
Latte Glacé MokaCAN$ 3.85
Latte Glacé VanilleCAN$ 3.85
Limonade glacéeCAN$ 2.68
Jus d’orangeCAN$ 2.68
Jus de pommesCAN$ 2.68
Lait au chocolatCAN$ 2.68
Eau embouteilléeCAN$ 2.33
Coca-ColaCAN$ 3.03
Gold Peak FramboiseCAN$ 3.5
TimGlacé Réveil ULTimCAN$ 3.5
Cappuccino glacé Réveil ULTimCAN$ 4.32
Cappuccino glacé S’mores de Hershey’sCAN$ 4.08
Givré crémeux S’mores de Hershey’sCAN$ 4.08
RafraîchiTIM aux vrais fruits, fraise-melonCAN$ 2.68
RafraîchiTIM aux vrais fruits, pêcheCAN$ 2.68
RafraichiTIM The GlaceCAN$ 2.33
RafraichiTIM Limonade au thé fruits de la passionCAN$ 2.68
Limonade ClassiqueCAN$ 2.33

Dîner et souper

Dîner et Souper is a meal option offered by Tim Hortons menu in Montreal, Canada. This meal option is available during breakfast hours as well as dinner hours, providing customers with a range of meal options throughout the day.

Menu ItemPrice
6 bagels assortis non préparésCAN$ 9.35
Timatin saucisseCAN$ 4.9
Timatin baconCAN$ 4.9
Timatin bacon à l’érable muffin anglaisCAN$ 5.14
Timatin BLT bacon à l’érableCAN$ 6.07
Timatin saucisse et baconCAN$ 6.07
Timatin Oeuf et fromageCAN$ 4.32
Timatin habanero saucisseCAN$ 5.6
Simplement saucisse sur petit pain déjeunerCAN$ 2.91
Galette de pommes de terreCAN$ 2.33
Bagel Timatin B.L.T.CAN$ 5.25
Wrap-matin grilléCAN$ 4.32
Timatin du travailleurCAN$ 5.25
Wrap-matin du travailleurCAN$ 5.25
Wrap-matin saucisse et baconCAN$ 6.07
Quartiers de pommes de terreCAN$ 2.91
Club à la TimCAN$ 7.59
Sandwich jambon et fromage cheddarCAN$ 6.77
Sandwich BLTCAN$ 6.77
Sandwich gratiné au fromage fondu et au baconCAN$ 7.59
Sandwich gratiné au fromage fonduCAN$ 6.19
Sandwich gratiné au fromage fondu et à la dindeCAN$ 7.59
Sandwich gratiné au fromage fondu et au jambonCAN$ 7.59
Wrap au poulet mijotéCAN$ 7.36
Wrap au poulet croustillantCAN$ 7.36
Wrap au poulet grillé, bacon et sauce ranchCAN$ 7.94
Wrap-délice poulet croustillant coriandre et limeCAN$ 9.11
Wrap-délice poulet croustillant habaneroCAN$ 9.11
Bol-délice poulet croustillant coriandre et limeCAN$ 10.52
Bol-délice poulet croustillant habaneroCAN$ 10.52


Patisseries by Tim Hortons is a chain of pastry shops located in Montreal, Quebec, that specializes in French-inspired baked goods and desserts. The chain is part of the Tim Hortons brand, a Canadian coffee and donut shop that has a strong presence in Canada and the United States.

Menu ItemPrice
BagelsCAN$ 1.98
CroissantCAN$ 2.33
Crème Boston BeignesCAN$ 1.74
Beignet pommes BeignesCAN$ 1.74
Roussette au miel BeignesCAN$ 1.51
À l’ancienne nature BeignesCAN$ 1.51
Glacé au chocolat BeignesCAN$ 1.74
Double chocolat BeignesCAN$ 1.74
Glacé à la vanille BeignesCAN$ 1.74
Crème sure glacé BeignesCAN$ 1.51
Chocolat glacé BeignesCAN$ 1.51
Glacé au miel BeignesCAN$ 1.51
Beigne de Reese’s BeignesCAN$ 2.56
Beigne de fête BeignesCAN$ 2.56
Boîte multi-beignesCAN$ 7.24
Brisures de chocolat MuffinsCAN$ 2.09
Explosion de fruits MuffinsCAN$ 2.56
Aux bleuet sauvages MuffinsCAN$ 2.09
Boîte multi-muffinsCAN$ 9.93
Boîte de TimbitsCAN$ 3.5
Pépites de chocolat BiscuitsCAN$ 1.51
Boîte multi-biscuitsCAN$ 7.24
Rôtie – 1 trancheCAN$ 1.98
Rôties – 2 tranchesCAN$ 3.03
Beigne de rêve s’moresCAN$ 2.56
Pain au ChocolatineCAN$ 2.56

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FAQs on Tim Hortons Menu in Montreal

What are the most popular items on the Tim Hortons menu in Montreal?

Some of the most popular items on the Tim Hortons menu in Montreal include coffee, donuts, breakfast sandwiches, bagels, and Timbits (donut holes).

Does Tim Hortons Menu in Montreal offer any unique menu items?

Yes, Tim Hortons in Montreal offers some unique Tim Hortons menu items that aren’t available at all locations. For example, they offer a smoked meat sandwich and a poutine donut.

Does Tim Hortons Menu in Montreal have any vegetarian or vegan options?

Yes, Tim Hortons Menu in Montreal offers some vegetarian and vegan options, such as the Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich, the Veggie Bagel, and the Beyond Meat burger.

What are the hours of operation for Tim Hortons in Montreal?

The hours of operation for Tim Hortons in Montreal may vary depending on the location, but most locations are open 24 hours a day.

Can I order Tim Hortons online or through a mobile app in Montreal?

Yes, you can order Tim Hortons online or through the Tim Hortons mobile app in Montreal. This allows you to skip the line and pick up your order at the designated pickup area.

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