McDonalds Menu & Prices in Quebec

McDonalds is a household name in the fast-food industry, known for its iconic golden arches and delicious menu offerings. As one of the largest and most recognized fast-food chains globally, McDonald’s has successfully established a strong presence in Quebec, catering to the diverse tastes of its customers. In this article, we will explore McDonald’s menu and prices in Quebec, highlighting the variety of options available and the value they offer.

McDonald’s has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1940 as a small barbecue restaurant. With a focus on providing quick, convenient, and affordable meals, the company quickly grew into a global phenomenon. Today, McDonald’s operates thousands of restaurants worldwide, including numerous locations in Quebec.

McDonalds Menu & Prices in Quebec

Menu prices

McDonald’s offers a wide range of menu options to cater to different tastes and preferences. From classic burgers and fries to refreshing beverages and desserts, their menu is designed to satisfy various cravings.

Before we delve into the specific menu prices, it’s important to understand McDonald’s pricing strategy. The prices of fast food items can vary due to several factors, including location, competition, and operational costs. McDonald’s, being a globally recognized brand, follows a standardized pricing model to maintain consistency across its franchises.

Most Popular McDonalds Menu & Prices in Quebec

Trio Grand Big Mac Bacon – The Trio Grand Big Mac Bacon is a delicious and indulgent option from the McDonald’s menu. Packed with the classic Big Mac flavor, this trio includes a mouthwatering combination of two beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, and crispy bacon.

Trio MacPoulet –The Trio MacPoulet is a delightful option for chicken lovers on the McDonald’s menu. This trio features a crispy and tender McChicken sandwich with lettuce and mayo, paired with medium fries and a refreshing beverage.

Most Popular McDonalds Menu Prices in Quebec

Œuf McMuffin – The Œuf McMuffin is a breakfast classic that has become a staple on the McDonald’s menu. This iconic sandwich consists of a freshly cracked Grade A egg, savory Canadian bacon, and melty American cheese, all served on a warm and toasted English muffin.

Moyen café infusé – For coffee enthusiasts looking for a morning pick-me-up or a mid-day caffeine boost, the Moyen café infusé is an ideal choice from the McDonald’s menu.

Joyeux festin hamburger – The Joyeux festin hamburger – pommes, also known as the Happy Meal hamburger and fries, is a beloved option from the McDonald’s menu specially designed for kids.

Festins à partager

Festins à partager, or Sharing Meals, are a delightful addition to the McDonalds menu that brings people together for a shared dining experience. These meals are designed to cater to larger groups or families, offering a combination of delicious menu items that can be enjoyed together.

Menu ItemPrice
Festin familial (portion pour 3)CAN$ 30.39
Festin 20 McCroquettes (portion pour 2)CAN$ 30.59
40 morceaux de Poulet McCroquettes (portion pour 4)CAN$ 33.49
Festin écono (portion pour 4)CAN$ 39.79

Trios sandwichs au bœuf

Trios sandwichs au bœuf, or Beef Sandwich Trios, are a delectable offering on the McDonalds menu that caters to beef lovers. This trio features a selection of mouthwatering beef sandwiches that are sure to satisfy your cravings.

Trio Quart livre sans fromage on  McDonalds Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Trio Grand Big Mac BaconCAN$ 15.49
Trio 2 HamburgersCAN$ 12.09
Trio Grand Big MacCAN$ 14.39
Trio 2 Hamburgers avec fromageCAN$ 12.59
Trio Big MacCAN$ 12.59
Trio Double Big MacCAN$ 14.89
Trio Big Mac sans viandeCAN$ 11.49
Trio Quart livre avec fromageCAN$ 13.59
Trio Quart livre sans fromageCAN$ 13.59
Trio Double Quart de livre avec fromageCAN$ 15.59
Trio Double Quart livre sans fromageCAN$ 15.59
Trio Double hamburger fromageCAN$ 9.19
Trio Double HamburgerCAN$ 8.39
Trio Régal McDoubleCAN$ 8.39

Poulet et poisson

Poulet et poisson, or Chicken and Fish, are delightful options on the McDonalds menu that cater to those who prefer poultry and seafood. With offerings like the crispy McChicken sandwich and the flavorful Filet-O-Fish, McDonald’s provides a variety of choices for customers seeking chicken and fish options.

Trio Poulet McCroquettes, 10 morceaux

Menu ItemPrice
Trio MacPoulet épicé avec habaneroCAN$ 12.89
Trio MacPouletCAN$ 12.59
Trio Poulet McCroquettes, 6 morceauxCAN$ 12.59
Trio Poulet McCroquettes, 10 morceauxCAN$ 16.09
Trio Filet de poissonCAN$ 12.59
Trio Double Filet de poissonCAN$ 14.89
Trio Régal Junior au pouletCAN$ 8.39

Déjeuner toute la journée

Déjeuner toute la journée, or All-Day Breakfast, is a fantastic offering on the McDonalds menu that allows customers to enjoy breakfast items at any time of the day. With a wide range of delicious options like the iconic Egg McMuffin, hotcakes, and breakfast burritos, McDonald’s caters to those who crave breakfast flavors throughout the day.

Menu ItemPrice
Œuf McMuffinCAN$ 5.19
Trio Œuf McMuffinCAN$ 8.49
Bacon McMuffin avec œufCAN$ 5.19
Trio Bacon McMuffin avec œufCAN$ 8.49
Saucisse McMuffin avec œufCAN$ 5.19
Trio Saucisse McMuffin avec oeufCAN$ 8.49
Saucisse McMuffinCAN$ 3.19
Trio Saucisse McMuffinCAN$ 6.69
Crêpes et saucisseCAN$ 6.09
Trio Crêpes et saucisseCAN$ 9.39
Crêpes et baconCAN$ 6.09
Trio Crêpes et baconCAN$ 9.39

Joyeux festin

Joyeux festin, or Happy Meal, is a beloved offering on the McDonalds menu that brings joy to kids and parents alike. Designed specifically for children, the Joyeux festin combines a delicious hamburger or chicken nuggets, a side of fries, a drink, and a fun toy.

Menu ItemPrice
Joyeux festin hamburger – pommesCAN$ 5.17
Joyeux festin hamburger – mini-fritesCAN$ 5.17
Joyeux festin hamburger – P fritesCAN$ 5.17
Joyeux festin hamburger fromage – pommesCAN$ 5.97
Joyeux festin hamburger fromage – mini-fritesCAN$ 5.97
Joyeux festin hamburger fromage – P fritesCAN$ 5.97
Joyeux festin 4 McCroquettes – pommesCAN$ 6.17
Joyeux festin 4 McCroquettes – mini-fritesCAN$ 6.17
Joyeux festin 4 McCroquettes – P fritesCAN$ 6.17

Boissons chaudes

Boissons chaudes, or Hot Beverages, are a comforting and satisfying addition to the McDonalds menu. McDonald’s offers a variety of hot beverage options to warm you up on chilly days or to enjoy as a delightful treat.

Double espresso

Menu ItemPrice
Moyen café infuséCAN$ 2.39
Moyen AmericanoCAN$ 3.79
Moyen café infusé décaféinéCAN$ 2.39
EspressoCAN$ 2.09
Moyen thé orange pekoeCAN$ 1.89
Double espressoCAN$ 2.89
Moyen thé Earl GreyCAN$ 1.89
Espresso allongéCAN$ 2.09
Moyen thé vertCAN$ 1.89
Moyen thé à la menthe poivréeCAN$ 1.89
Boîte à café (pour 12 pers.)CAN$ 20.69
Moyen latte (lait 2%)CAN$ 4.49
Moyen latte à la vanille française (lait 2%)CAN$ 5.19
Moyen latte au caramel (lait 2%)CAN$ 5.19
Moyen latte à la vanille sans sucre (lait 2%)CAN$ 5.19
Moyen cappuccino (lait 2%)CAN$ 4.49

Boissons froides

Boissons froides, or Cold Beverages, are refreshing and invigorating options on the McDonald’s menu. McDonalds offers a wide variety of cold drinks to quench your thirst and provide a cool respite.

Menu ItemPrice
Moyen Coca-ColaCAN$ 2.89
Moyen Coke DièteCAN$ 2.89
Moyen Coca-Cola ZeroCAN$ 2.89
Moyen SpriteCAN$ 2.89
Moyen Racinette Barq’sCAN$ 2.89
Moyen Thé glacé NESTEACAN$ 2.89
Moyen Fruitopia fraisesCAN$ 2.89
Moyen Fruitopia orangeCAN$ 2.89
Moyen Smoothie pêches-fruits de la passionCAN$ 4.79
Moyen smoothie fraise bananeCAN$ 4.79
Moyen Smoothie mangue ananasCAN$ 4.79
Moyen Smoothie grenade-bleuetsCAN$ 4.79
Moyen Chai frappé à la vanilleCAN$ 4.59
Moyen Café frappéCAN$ 3.99
Moyen café glacéCAN$ 2.89
Moyen café glacé au caramelCAN$ 3.39
Moyen café glacé à la vanilleCAN$ 3.39
Moyen café glacé vanille sans sucreCAN$ 3.39
Moyen jus d’orangeCAN$ 2.89
Moyen jus de pommeCAN$ 2.89
Bouteille de lait 1%CAN$ 2.39
Bouteille de lait 1% au chocolatCAN$ 2.39


Pâtisserie, or Pastries, are a delightful addition to the McDonalds menu that brings a touch of sweetness and indulgence. McDonald’s offers a range of delectable pastriesthat are perfect for a quick breakfast or a delightful treat any time of the day.

Muffin bleuets

Menu ItemPrice
Chausson aux pommes cuit au fourCAN$ 1.69
Beigne aux pommesCAN$ 1.29
2 chaussons aux pommes cuits au fourCAN$ 1.99
Beigne arc-en-cielCAN$ 1.29
Duo muffin et caféCAN$ 3.29
Muffin bleuetsCAN$ 2.19
Duo beigne et caféCAN$ 2.89
Muffin fruits et fibresCAN$ 2.19
Comb. 2 beignes + caféCAN$ 3.99
Muffin carottesCAN$ 2.19
6 P’tits beignes assortisCAN$ 5.99
Muffin aux canneberges et à l’orangeCAN$ 2.19
6 P’tits beignes au choixCAN$ 5.99
Muffin aux bananes et aux morceaux de chocolatCAN$ 2.19
2 P’tits beignes au choixCAN$ 2.29
6 muffins cuits au four assortisCAN$ 9.49
P’tit beigne Glacé à la fraiseCAN$ 1.29
6 muffins cuits au four au choixCAN$ 9.49
Beigne Doublement glacéCAN$ 1.29
Biscuit au sucreCAN$ 1.19
Beigne à la crème BostonCAN$ 1.29
Beigne caramel et érableCAN$ 1.29


Desserts are a delicious and irresistible part of the McDonalds menu, offering a sweet ending to any meal. McDonald’s provides a wide range of desserts to satisfy every sweet tooth. McDonalds menu is sure to delight and add a delightful touch of sweetness to your dining experience.

Menu ItemPrice
Coupe glacée au chocolat fondantCAN$ 3.89
Classique McFlurry OreoCAN$ 5.79
Coupe glacée au caramel fondantCAN$ 3.89
Classique McFlurry SKORCAN$ 5.79
Biscuit au sucreCAN$ 1.19
Biscuit brownieCAN$ 1.19
Biscuit aux morceaux de chocolatCAN$ 1.19
2 Biscuits OMRMCAN$ 1.89
6 Biscuits OMRMCAN$ 4.79
12 Biscuits OMRMCAN$ 8.79
Chausson aux pommes cuit au fourCAN$ 1.69
2 chaussons aux pommes cuits au fourCAN$ 1.99
Classique McFlurry Kit katCAN$ 6.09
Classique McFlurry SmartiesCAN$ 5.79

Collations et à-côtés

Collations et à-côtés, or Snacks and Sides, are the perfect accompaniments to your meal on the McDonalds menu. McDonald’s offers a variety of delicious options to satisfy your cravings between meals or as a tasty addition to your main course.

Menu ItemPrice
Frites, moyen formatCAN$ 4.59
Poutine, format classiqueCAN$ 7.09
Tranches de pommeCAN$ 2.59


Condiments are an essential part of the McDonalds menu, enhancing the flavors of your favorite meals. McDonald’s offers a variety of delicious condiments to complement your burgers, sandwiches, and other menu items.

Menu ItemPrice
Extra sauce à McCroquettesCAN$ 0.39
Fromage crème originalCAN$ 0.89
Sauce à Big MacCAN$ 0.99
Sauce épicée avec habaneroCAN$ 0.6
Sachet de sauce de style mayonnaiseCAN$ 0
KetchupCAN$ 0
SelCAN$ 0
PoivreCAN$ 0
Beurre d’arachideCAN$ 0
BecelCAN$ 0
Sauce poutineCAN$ 1.29
VinaigreCAN$ 0
CrèmeCAN$ 0
LaitCAN$ 0

Articles individuels

Articles individuels, or Individual Items, are a versatile and customizable feature on the McDonalds menu. McDonald’s offers a wide range of individual items that allow you to build your own meal according to your preferences.

Menu ItemPrice
Grand Big Mac BaconCAN$ 9.79
Grand Big MacCAN$ 8.59
Big MacCAN$ 7.49
Double Big MacCAN$ 9.79
Big Mac, sans viandeCAN$ 6.29
Quart de livre avec fromageCAN$ 8.39
Quart de livre sans fromageCAN$ 8.29
Double quart de livre avec fromageCAN$ 10.49
Double quart de livre sans fromageCAN$ 10.49
Double hamburger avec fromageCAN$ 4.19
Double hamburgerCAN$ 3.19
Hamburger avec fromageCAN$ 2.99
HamburgerCAN$ 2.79
McDoubleCAN$ 3.39
MacPoulet épicé avec habaneroCAN$ 7.69
MacPouletCAN$ 7.49
6 Poulet McCroquettesCAN$ 7.49
10 Poulet McCroquettesCAN$ 10.89
20 morceaux de Poulet McCroquettes (portion pour 2)CAN$ 18.39
Filet de poissonCAN$ 7.49
Double filet de poissonCAN$ 9.79
Sandwich junior au pouletCAN$ 3.39

Delivery Service McDonalds

McDonald’s offers a convenient delivery service that allows customers to enjoy their favorite menu items without leaving the comfort of their homes. Here is a list of features and benefits provided by McDonald’s delivery service:

  1. Easy Ordering Process: Placing a delivery order from McDonald’s is a hassle-free process. Customers can simply use the McDonald’s mobile app or website to browse the McDonalds menu, select their desired items, customize their order if needed, and proceed to checkout. The intuitive interface ensures a seamless and user-friendly ordering experience.
  2. Convenient Delivery Options: McDonald’s offers flexible delivery options to accommodate different preferences. Customers can choose to have their meals delivered to their doorstep, office, or any desired location within the designated delivery areas. The convenience of McDonald’s delivery service allows customers to enjoy their meals wherever they are.
  3. Timely Delivery: McDonald’s strives to provide timely delivery service, ensuring that customers receive their orders promptly. Delivery times may vary based on factors such as location and order volume, but McDonald’s makes every effort to deliver meals within the estimated time frame, ensuring a satisfying customer experience.
  4. Real-Time Order Tracking: To keep customers informed, McDonald’s provides real-time order tracking. Customers can monitor the progress of their delivery through the McDonald’s mobile app or website. The order tracking feature offers transparency and peace of mind, allowing customers to know when their food will arrive.
  5. Special Promotions: McDonald’s often introduces special promotions and discounts exclusively for delivery orders. These promotions may include free delivery, bundle deals, or limited-time offers, providing additional value to customers who choose to have their meals delivered.
  6. Safe and Hygienic Packaging: McDonald’s prioritizes food safety and hygiene. The delivery orders are carefully packaged to ensure that the food remains fresh, hot, and in excellent condition during transportation. McDonald’s takes great care to maintain the quality of their food from the restaurant to the customer’s doorstep.
  7. Convenient Payment Options: McDonald’s offers various payment options for delivery orders, including cash, credit/debit cards, and mobile wallets. Customers can choose the payment method that suits them best, providing flexibility and convenience.

McDonald’s delivery service brings the popular McDonalds menu directly to customers’ doors, offering a convenient and enjoyable dining experience. With a wide menu selection, easy ordering process, timely delivery, and special promotions, McDonald’s delivery service ensures that customers can satisfy their cravings from the comfort of their own homes.

Loyalty program of McDonalds

McDonald’s offers a loyalty program known as “McDonalds Menu Rewards” to enhance the dining experience for its customers. Here is a list of benefits and features provided by the program:

  1. Exclusive Deals: By joining the McDonalds Rewards program, customers gain access to exclusive deals and promotions. These offers are designed to provide discounts, freebies, or special menu items, allowing members to enjoy more value for their money.
  2. Points Accumulation: Members can earn points for every purchase they make at McDonald’s. The points are accumulated in their account and can be redeemed for various rewards, such as free menu items, upgrades, or even exclusive merchandise.
  3. Personalized Offers: The loyalty program allows McDonald’s to tailor offers based on customers’ preferences. By analyzing their order history and preferences, McDonald’s can provide personalized deals and recommendations, ensuring a more personalized and enjoyable dining experience.
  4. Mobile App Integration: The McDonalds Menu Rewards program is seamlessly integrated into the McDonald’s mobile app. This integration makes it convenient for members to track their points, view available rewards, and easily redeem them right from their smartphones.
  5. Early Access to New Menu Items: McDonald’s often introduces new menu items or limited-time promotions. As a McDonalds Menu Rewards member, customers can enjoy the perk of early access to these new offerings, allowing them to be among the first to try and experience the latest additions to the menu.
  6. Birthday Treat: McDonald’s believes in celebrating its customers’ special occasions. As a part of the loyalty program, members receive a special birthday treat, which can range from a complimentary dessert to a free menu item, making their birthday celebrations even more delightful.
  7. Easy Enrollment: Joining the McDonalds Menu Rewards program is simple. Customers can sign up for the loyalty program through the McDonald’s mobile app or website. They can create an account, provide their basic information, and start earning rewards right away.
  8. Seamless Integration with Ordering: The loyalty program is seamlessly integrated with McDonald’s ordering system. Members can earn and redeem points by scanning their loyalty QR code at the ordering kiosk, drive-thru, or during mobile app orders, making it convenient and effortless to participate in the program.

The McDonalds Menu Rewards program enhances the overall dining experience by providing exclusive deals, personalized offers, and rewards tailored to customers’ preferences. By joining the loyalty program, customers can unlock a range of benefits and enjoy a more rewarding experience at McDonald’s.

About McDonalds

McDonald’s is a renowned fast-food chain with a global presence. Known for its diverse menu, McDonald’s offers a wide array of delicious food options, from burgers to salads and everything in between. McDonalds menu caters to various tastes and preferences, ensuring a satisfying dining experience for customers worldwide.

Alternatives to McDonalds Menu

These are just a few alternatives to the McDonalds menu in Canada. Each of these chains has its own unique offerings, so you can find something to satisfy your cravings for fast and tasty food.

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FAQ’s on McDonalds Menu

Are there any vegetarian options available on the menu?

Yes, McDonald’s recognizes the importance of catering to different dietary preferences. In Quebec, you can find vegetarian options on the menu.

What are the operating hours of McDonald’s in Quebec?

McDonald’s restaurants in Quebec operate from 11:30 AM to 11:00 PM, providing a convenient window of time for customers to enjoy their meals.

What is the least expensive option available on McDonalds menu in Quebec?

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly choice, you can indulge in the Biscuit Brownie from McDonald’s menu in Quebec, priced at a wallet-friendly CAN$ 1.19.

Which item holds the highest price tag on McDonalds menu in Quebec?

For those seeking a grand feast, the Festin écono (portion pour 4) stands as the most luxurious option on McDonald’s menu in Quebec, priced at CAN$ 39.79.

When does McDonald’s in Quebec introduce new menu items?

McDonald’s regularly introduces fresh additions to its menu in Quebec, ensuring customers can always look forward to something new. Keep an eye out for exciting creations and limited-time offerings that bring unique flavors and experiences.

Can I enjoy McDonalds menu items at any time of the day in Quebec?

McDonald’s in Quebec provides a convenient dining experience by serving their menu from 11:30 AM to 11:00 PM. Whether it’s a midday meal or a late-night craving, you can rely on McDonald’s to be open and ready to serve you.

Burgers on McDonalds Menu

Are u ready to plan your meal from McDonalds Menu?


At McDonald’s, they strive to offer quality food at affordable prices, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a satisfying meal without breaking the bank. So, the next time you’re looking for a quick and delicious bite, head over to McDonald’s and indulge in their extensive menu options.

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