Dairy Queen Menu & Prices in Montreal

Dairy Queen, also known as DQ, is a popular fast food restaurant chain that specializes in soft-serve ice cream and other frozen treats. The company was founded in 1940 in Joliet, Illinois, by Sherb Noble, and has since expanded to over 6,000 locations worldwide, including in the United States, Canada, and many other countries.

The Dairy Queen menu features a wide variety of items, including classic soft-serve ice cream cones, sundaes, blizzards, shakes, and malts. In addition, the company also offers burgers, hot dogs, chicken strips, and other fast food items. One of the most popular menu items is the Blizzard, which is a soft-serve ice cream treat that is mixed with various toppings such as candy, cookies, and fruit.

Dairy Queen has become a popular destination for families and young people, especially during the summer months when the weather is warm. Many locations feature outdoor seating areas and drive-thru options, making it a convenient choice for on-the-go snacking or a quick meal. The company also offers catering services for special events and parties.

Dairy Queen is known for its iconic logo, which features a smiling cartoon ice cream cone with a crown. The company’s slogan is “Fan Food, Not Fast Food,” which emphasizes their commitment to providing high-quality, tasty treats for their customers. With its delicious desserts and convenient locations, Dairy Queen has become a beloved institution and a staple of American fast food culture.

Dairy Queen Menu & Prices in Montreal

One of the most famous items on the Dairy Queen menu is the Blizzard, a blended soft-serve ice cream treat that comes in a wide range of flavors and mix-ins, such as Oreo, Reese’s, and Snickers. The chain also offers various types of cones, sundaes, and milkshakes, as well as seasonal treats like pumpkin pie blizzards during the fall.

Dairy Queen Menu Prices in Montreal

For those looking for a savory option, Dairy Queen menu has a variety of burgers, chicken sandwiches, and hot dogs to choose from, all served with crispy fries. The menu also includes salads and sides like onion rings and cheese curds.

Overall, Dairy Queen offers a diverse menu of tasty and affordable fast-food options, with a focus on their iconic frozen treats like the Blizzard.

Blizzard of the month / Dessert blizzard MD du mois

Every month, Dairy Queen introduces a new flavor combination as the Blizzard of the Month. Some of the past Blizzard of the Month flavors have included Oreo Cheesecake, Salted Caramel Truffle, Brownie Dough, and Cotton Candy. These flavors are only available for a limited time, and once the month is over, they are replaced with a new flavor.

Menu ItemPrice
Coffee Crisp Blizzard® TreatCAN$ 6.99
Dessert Blizzard® – Drumstick® aux arachides / Drumstick® with peanuts Blizzard® TreatCAN$ 5.99
Nous emboucheront, we are hiring. Email your CV to dq12231@gmail.comCAN$ 1

Boissons faites à la main / Handmade Drinks

Boissons faites à la main, or handmade drinks, are a delicious and refreshing option offered by Dairy Queen. These drinks are made with high-quality ingredients and are created by hand to ensure that each beverage is of the utmost quality.

Menu ItemPrice
Smoothie aux fruits / Fruit SmoothieCAN$ 6.99
Moo Latté / MooLatté®( café glacée/Ice cafe)CAN$ 6.39
Lait frappé / ShakeCAN$ 6.39

Desserts Blizzard® / Blizzard® Treats

The Blizzard® is a signature Dairy Queen dessert that has been enjoyed by people all over the world for many years. It is essentially a soft-serve ice cream blended with a variety of mix-ins, including candy, cookies, and fruit. The result is a thick and creamy concoction that is both refreshing and indulgent. Customers can choose from a variety of flavors, including Oreo, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and many more.

Menu ItemPrice
Dessert Blizzard royal OREO / Royal OREO® Blizzard® TreatCAN$ 7.79
Dessert Blizzard royal Reese’s et brownies / Royal Reese’s Brownie Blizzard® TreatCAN$ 7.79
Biscuits OREO® / OREO® Cookie Blizzard® TreatCAN$ 5.99
Moules au beurre d’arachide Reese’s® / Reese’s® Peanut Butter CupCAN$ 5.99
Dessert Blizzard® – Barbe à papa / Cotton Candy Blizzard® TreatCAN$ 5.99
NOUVEAUTÉ! Dessert BlizzardMD – Friandises Reese’s et pâte à biscuits / Reese’s Pieces Cookie DoughCAN$ 5.99
Dessert Blizzard au choco-brownie extrême / Choco Brownie Extreme Blizzard® TreatCAN$ 5.99
Dessert Blizzard Skor / Skor Blizzard® TreatCAN$ 5.99
Dessert Blizzard Smarties / Smarties® Blizzard® TreatCAN$ 5.99
TURTLES® with Pecans Blizzard® Treat/Dessert Blizzard® TURTLES® avec pacanesCAN$ 5.99
Dessert Blizzard® – Aux Fraises enrobées de chocolat / Choco Dipped Strawberry Blizzard® TreatCAN$ 5.99
Dessert Blizzard Hasard(Congele) / Blizzard® Treat of random( Frozen)CAN$ 5.99

Dessert de fantaisie DQ / DQ® Novelty Treats

Dessert de fantaisie DQ / DQ® Novelty Treats by Dairy Queen menu offer a wide variety of delicious frozen treats to satisfy any sweet tooth. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic Dilly Bar, a decadent Blizzard, or one of their other delicious treats, Dairy Queen has you covered.

Menu ItemPrice
Sandwich DQ / DQ SandwichCAN$ 3.99
Barre Dilly / Dilly® BarCAN$ 3.99
Barre Buster / Buster Bar®CAN$ 4.49
Barre au fudge / Fudge BarCAN$ 4.19
Non Dairy Barre Dilly / No Dairy Dilly® BarrCAN$ 5.29
Barre Dilly® Sans Produits LaitiersCAN$ 5.29
Boite de six – Barres Dilly® Sans Produits LaitiersCAN$ 20.99
Barre à la vanille et à l’orange / Vanilla and Orange BarCAN$ 4.19
Contenant de molle à emporter / Take Home ContainerCAN$ 10.99
6X Sandwich DQ / 6XDQ SandwichCAN$ 25.99
DQ bake-Triple Chocolate Brownie/Brownie aux trois chocolatsCAN$ 9.99
DQ bake-Fudge Stuffed Cookie/Biscuit aux brisures de chocolat fourré au fondantCAN$ 9.99

Gâteaux / Cakes

Menu ItemPrice
10″ Gâteau Blizzard / Blizzard® Cake (12-16 portions)CAN$ 49.99
Gâteau de célébration standard-gâteau DQ / Standard Celebration Cake – Cake DQ®CAN$ 41.99
Treatzza Pizza de DQ / DQ® Treatzza Pizza®CAN$ 21.99
8″ Gâteau Blizzard / Blizzard® Cake (8-10 portions)CAN$ 43.99
Gâteau bûche / Log CakeCAN$ 33.99
8″ Gâteau Blizzard Special/ Special Blizzard® Cake (8-10 portions)CAN$ 43.99

Breuvages / Beverages

One of the most popular beverages at Dairy Queen menu is their signature Blizzard, which is a creamy blend of soft serve ice cream and your choice of mix-ins. They offer a variety of flavors such as Oreo, Reese’s, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Each Blizzard is made to order, ensuring that you get a fresh and delicious treat every time.

Menu ItemPrice
Boisson gazeuse / Soft DrinkCAN$ 3.59
Barbotine Misty / Misty Slush®CAN$ 4.19
Bouteille d’eau / Water BottleCAN$ 3.59
Lait 2% / 2% MilkCAN$ 3.59
Givrée Misty / Misty Freeze®CAN$ 5.99



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FAQs on Dairy Queen Menu

What kind of items are on the Dairy Queen menu in Montreal?

Dairy Queen menu in Montreal offers a variety of items such as burgers, hot dogs, chicken tenders, salads, sides, and of course, their famous ice cream treats like Blizzards and sundaes.

Are there any special menu items on Dairy Queen menu in Montreal?

Dairy Queen locations in Montreal typically offer the same menu items as other Dairy Queen locations in Canada and the United States. However, some locations may offer regional specialties or limited-time items.

Is there a vegetarian or vegan item on Dairy Queen menu in Montreal?

Dairy Queen menu in Montreal does not have a separate vegetarian or vegan menu, but they do offer some items that may be suitable for vegetarians or vegans, such as the garden greens salad, fries, and some of their ice cream treats like the chocolate or strawberry sundae.

Are there any gluten-free options on the Dairy Queen menu in Montreal?

Dairy Queen menu does not have a specific gluten-free menu, but they do offer some items that are gluten-free or can be made gluten-free upon request, such as the grilled chicken sandwich without the bun, the side salad, and some of their ice cream treats.

Can I order Dairy Queen online for pickup or delivery in Montreal?

Yes, you can order Dairy Queen online for pickup or delivery through their website or mobile app.

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