A&W Menu & Prices in Toronto

When it comes to satisfying your cravings with a delectable fast-food experience in Toronto, A&W stands out as a popular choice. With a rich history dating back to 1919, A&W has evolved into a cherished brand known for its mouthwatering burgers, refreshing root beer, and a wide array of menu offerings. In this article, we will delve into the enticing world of A&W in Toronto, exploring its menu highlights and pricing to help you plan your next visit.

Founded in 1919 in Lodi, California, by Roy W. Allen and Frank Wright, A&W has a heritage that spans over a century. It’s one of the oldest and most cherished fast-food chains globally, with a reputation for delivering quality comfort food.

A&W Menu & Prices in Toronto

Menu and prices

If you’re curious about what A&W has to offer in Toronto and how it fares in terms of pricing, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll delve into the A&W menu and prices in Toronto, giving you an insider’s look at their delectable offerings and how they compare in the bustling food scene of this Canadian metropolis.

A&W in Toronto is more than just a fast-food joint; it’s a brand committed to serving customers with the highest quality ingredients. Their burgers are made with 100% pure beef, and they offer plant-based options for those looking for a meatless alternative.

Most popular A&W Menu & Prices in Toronto

Russet Thick-Cut Fries: Crispy, golden potato slices perfect for snacking.

Teen Burger® Combo: A delicious burger combo featuring our signature Teen Burger®.

Chubby Chicken® Burger Combo: Satisfy your cravings with a combo featuring our Chubby Chicken® Burger.

Most popular A&W Menu & Prices in Toronto

Bacon & Egger®: A classic breakfast sandwich with savory bacon and eggs.

English Muffin Bacon & Egger®: Enjoy the Bacon & Egger® on a toasted English muffin.

Teen Burger®: Our iconic burger loaded with fresh ingredients for a mouthwatering experience.

Burger Combos

A&W Menu offers an enticing array of burger combos that satisfy every craving. From classic cheeseburgers to spicy chicken sandwiches, their menu promises delicious choices for all burger enthusiasts.

Menu ItemPrice
Teen Burger® ComboCAN$ 12.78
Double Teen® Burger ComboCAN$ 14.58
Mozza Burger® ComboCAN$ 12.78
Double Mozza Burger® ComboCAN$ 14.58
Cheddar Bacon Uncle® Burger ComboCAN$ 14.98
Mama Burger® ComboCAN$ 11.18
Papa Burger® ComboCAN$ 12.88
Grandpa Burger® ComboCAN$ 14.68
Beyond Meat Burger ComboCAN$ 12.78

Chicken Combos

Indulge in a delightful culinary experience with A&W’s menu featuring mouthwatering Chicken Combos. These combos offer a perfect blend of crispy chicken goodness paired with your choice of sides and a refreshing beverage.

Spicy Habanero Chicken Burger Combo from A&W Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Chubby Chicken® Burger ComboCAN$ 12.78
Spicy Habanero Chicken Burger ComboCAN$ 13.08
BLT Chicken Burger ComboCAN$ 13.88
3 Chicken Strips ComboCAN$ 12.78
Chicken Wrap ComboCAN$ 7.98
2 Chicken Wraps ComboCAN$ 10.38
5 Chicken Strips ComboCAN$ 15.38
Chicken Buddy Burger® ComboCAN$ 7.88
Double Chicken Buddy Burger® ComboCAN$ 9.08

All Day Breakfast Combos

Experience the joy of breakfast anytime with A&W’s All Day Breakfast Combos, a delicious selection from the A&W menu. Savor the perfect combination of fluffy pancakes, savory sausages, and golden hash browns, all served with your favorite beverage.

Menu ItemPrice
English Muffin Bacon & Egger® ComboCAN$ 7.19
Bacon & Egger® ComboCAN$ 7.19
English Muffin Sausage & Egger® ComboCAN$ 7.19
Sausage & Egger® ComboCAN$ 7.19
English Muffin Cheese & Egger® ComboCAN$ 5.99
Cheese & Egger® ComboCAN$ 5.99
Breakfast Wrap ComboCAN$ 5.99
English Muffin Sausage & Cheddar® ComboCAN$ 6.19

Individual Items

Explore the delectable world of individual items on the A&W menu. From iconic Root Beer floats to juicy burgers, crispy onion rings, and hand-breaded chicken tenders, each item offers a burst of flavor that’s uniquely A&W. Satisfy your cravings with these mouthwatering choices from A&W menu today.

Cheddar Bacon Uncle® Burger from A&W Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Teen Burger®CAN$ 7.89
Double Teen® BurgerCAN$ 9.69
Mozza Burger®CAN$ 7.89
Double Mozza Burger®CAN$ 9.69
Cheddar Bacon Uncle® BurgerCAN$ 10.09
Mama Burger®CAN$ 6.29
Papa Burger®CAN$ 7.99
Grandpa Burger®CAN$ 9.79
Double Buddy Burger®CAN$ 3.49
Double Chicken Buddy Burger®CAN$ 4.19
Chicken WrapCAN$ 3.09
2 Chicken WrapsCAN$ 5.49

All Day Breakfast

Indulge in the comforting flavors of All Day Breakfast from the A&W menu. Whether it’s fluffy pancakes, savory sausage, or perfectly scrambled eggs, A&W’s All Day Breakfast offerings ensure a delicious start to your day at any hour.

Menu ItemPrice
English Muffin Bacon & Egger®CAN$ 4.79
Bacon & Egger®CAN$ 4.79
English Muffin Sausage & Egger®CAN$ 4.79
English Muffin Sausage & Egger®CAN$ 4.79
English Muffin Cheese & Egger®CAN$ 3.59
Cheese & Egger®CAN$ 3.59
Breakfast WrapCAN$ 3.59
English Muffin Sausage & Cheddar®CAN$ 3.79


Elevate your meal with delectable sides from the A&W menu. From crispy, golden onion rings to piping hot, seasoned fries, these sides are the perfect companions to your favorite A&W burger or sandwich.

Sweet Potato Fries from A&W Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Russet Thick-Cut FriesCAN$ 3.79
Onion RingsCAN$ 5.19
Sweet Potato FriesCAN$ 4.89
Hot Apple TurnoverCAN$ 1.49
GravyCAN$ 1.49


Quench your thirst with refreshing drinks from the A&W menu. From the iconic Root Beer float to frosty shakes, and a variety of soft drinks, A&W offers a wide range of beverages to complement your meal.

Menu ItemPrice
A&W Root Beer®CAN$ 2.29
Diet A&W Root Beer®CAN$ 2.29
Coca-Cola®CAN$ 2.29
Diet Coke®CAN$ 2.29
Orange JuiceCAN$ 3.09
Apple JuiceCAN$ 3.09
2% MilkCAN$ 2.19
1% Chocolate MilkCAN$ 2.19
Sprite®CAN$ 2.29
Iced Tea®CAN$ 2.29
DasaniCAN$ 2.99

Kids Packs

Treat your little ones to delicious fun with Kids Packs from the A&W menu. These delightful meals are specially crafted for young appetites, offering a choice of kid-approved entrees, sides, and a drink. A&W’s Kids Packs make dining an enjoyable experience for the whole family.

Menu ItemPrice
Baby Burger® Kids PackCAN$ 6.19
2 Chicken Strips Kids PackCAN$ 7.29
Chicken Buddy Burger® Kids PackCAN$ 7.29

Delivery service of A&W

  1. A&W Mobile App: Download the official A&W mobile app, place your order, and have your favorite A&W items delivered right to your doorstep.
  2. Online Ordering: Visit the A&W website, choose your location, browse the menu, and place an order for convenient delivery.
  3. Third-Party Delivery Apps: Use popular food delivery platforms like Uber Eats, DoorDash, Grubhub, or Postmates to order A&W and have it delivered by their drivers.
  4. Call-In Orders: Contact your local A&W restaurant directly via phone to place your order for delivery.
  5. Curbside Pickup: While not delivery, many A&W locations offer curbside pickup where you can order ahead and have your meal brought to your car for added convenience.

Loyalty program of A&W

  1. Points-Based System: A&W customers can earn points for every purchase, which can be redeemed for discounts, free items, or exclusive merchandise.
  2. Member-Only Discounts: Loyalty program members receive special discounts and offers not available to regular customers.
  3. Birthday Rewards: Members receive a special birthday treat, such as a free dessert or discount, to celebrate their special day.
  4. Exclusive Events: A&W can host members-only events, tastings, or sneak peeks of new menu items as a perk for loyal customers.
  5. Tiered Memberships: A tiered loyalty program can offer increasing benefits as customers reach higher levels of spending or loyalty, such as premium discounts, priority service, or early access to promotions.

About A&W

A&W Restaurants, founded in 1919, is an iconic American fast-food chain renowned for its root beer and classic hamburgers. With a rich history and commitment to quality, A&W continues to delight customers with its timeless flavors and nostalgic dining experience.

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FAQ’S on A&W Menu

Is A&W in Toronto vegetarian-friendly?

Yes, A&W offers vegetarian options like the Beyond Meat Burger and Veggie Deluxe.

What is the most popular burger at A&W Toronto?

The Teen Burger, with its juicy patty and special sauce, is a fan favorite.

Are there any A&W locations with unique menu items in Toronto?

Some A&W locations in Toronto offer regional specialties, so it’s worth exploring different branches.

Do they offer delivery or online ordering in Toronto?

Yes, A&W provides delivery and online ordering services for added convenience.

Can I customize my burger at A&W in Toronto?

Absolutely! A&W allows you to customize your burger with a variety of toppings and sauces to suit your taste.

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In conclusion, A&W in Toronto is a beloved fast-food establishment known for its delicious burgers, signature root beer, and budget-friendly prices. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor exploring the city, A&W offers a satisfying dining experience for all.

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